Yup, mark your calendars and start signing up for a menagerie of clay fun at the best Urban jungle in the world!!! we now take payment online

CLAY_TOPIA : June 22nd, Hanging Planters Photo: Sadie Flint @pomariusnursery


July 27th- Bonsai Tray @ 10-11:30

August 24th- Tequila bottle @ 10-11:30

September 21st -Dog Bowls @ 10-11:30

October 3rd- Stiens @ 4pm-5:30pm

October 26th- Tile Making will part of our Pumpkin Carving Family Day

The workshops are $40: includes a small plant to take home with your terra cotta masterpiece.

  • pieces have to be fired and take some time to prepare, finished pieces with be avalible for pick up two weeks after workshop.